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Vegobel grows organic fresh herbs in pot. Year round we grow for the best taste and highest quality in the most sustainable way possible. Herbs are not only delicious in any meal, they are also excellent for nurturing mind and body. Just think about superfoods, (detox) drinks, hot or cold herbal teas and homemade lemonades.

Looking for the tastiest options for healthy, delicious and fresh meals or drinksBe sure to check out our full list of herbs.

Our story

Family and modern horticultural company specialised in the production of fresh herbs in pot.

Vegobel is a family-led and modern horticultural company founded by brothers Steven, Wim and Arthur Lauwers.

Since 1995, our team of employees is dedicated to grow high quality and fresh produce in pots. By using the latest technology and newest insights we make sure to continuously optimise and improve the cultivation processes of our herbs. We pride ourselves in being a sustainable company that is dedicated to growing organically.

Our qualities

100 % organic with no pesticides.

Our herbs are grown organically without use of pesticides. We use natural alternatives. A concrete example is using ladybugs to counter some plant deceases caused by plant lice.

Water and Energy Efficient

Our herbs are watered with collected rainwater that circulates in a closed-loop water system which allows us to avoid any form of water wastage. Next to that, we also generate our own energy. During this process we re-capture the heat and CO2 and use that to strengthen the plant growth of our herbs.

Sustainable packaging

Vegobel also strives to package all of its products in the most eco-friendly way possible. This is achieved by, amongst others, the use of compostable or biodegradable packaging, sleeves and pots, also called bio-plastics.

Experienced partner

At Vegobel we commit ourselves every day to give our very best to our customers & partners. Our 20+ year of experience is a valid advantage for a long term partnership in offering organically grown herbs in pot to the market.

You're in good hands

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