Greenhouse in Duffel


Who are we?

Started in 1995, the Vegobel herb nursery from Duffel – Belgium specializes in year-round cultivation of an extensive range of fresh herbs in pots.

Vegobel is a family and modern horticultural company, and has since grown to become the market leader in the production of fresh herbs in pots. All year round, Vegobel delivers fresh herbs: even in winter we offer fresh basil to make your plate remind you of summer.

Vegobel only grows herbs in pots, which we believe offers many advantages for both the trade and the consumer: The product stays fresh longer, both in the chain and at home, and we can give continuity to the supply throughout the year. Due to the fact that we grow on a local level ourselves, we are able to provide the best service to our customers, as we can ensure the quality and used cultivation method of our own product.

Since 2017, Vegobel has a production plant in Dunkirk, France. By producing here, we are closer to our French customers offering them our great herbs too!

We are growing a large range of herbs to partner with a wide scale of different clients and consumers, and respond to all kind of market needs and interests. Therefore we are focusing on our supplies to a large number of supermarkets in Belgium and abroad, but we also grow a wide range of special herbs for wholesalers, specialty stores and (gastronomic) restaurants.

Our focus on BIO

We are growing our fresh herbs fully organic according to the EU-standards. All of our plants are completely free of pesticides and other chemicals. This not only makes them taste better, but also healthier, so don’t be afraid to use them in all of your dishes!

Apart from great care for the quality and the organic label of our herbs, Vegobel also strives to grow all of its products in the most eco-friendly way possible. This is achieved by, amongst others, the use of compostable or biodegradable packaging, sleeves and pots, also called bio-plastics. These are made from organic waste material originating from eg. corn or wheat. All of our packaging comes from renewable ressources, instead of syntethical materials. Using these renewable sources instead of syntactical materials, we reduce our ecological footprint and emission of CO2.

The OK-compost- and OK-biobased-label on our packaging confirm that these are renewable and compostable. The compostable materials carrying this label can be broken down in an industrial compost installation within 12 weeks. The full biodegradation process takes 6 months. For this degradation, a specialized process is needed, which means that these products can’t be composted by private individuals. The OK-labels are awarded by the organization of Tüv Austria after a period of thoroughly testing and controlling the products.

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